About our Founder

My name is Michelle and I am the owner and founder of Shelz. I am the one behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly while you focus on your core operations. I have eight years administration and two years legal secretary experience which I obtained at two law firms. This is my story…

Working in more than one office environment and having casual conversations with multiple people from various corporate sectors, I picked up rather quickly that there are many businesses that all have one thing in common… Too much work and way too little staff! Staff are overworked and tired and they need extra office support. This causes a lot of stress in the workplace and results in unhappy employees and a slightly annoyed boss.

That’s where I come in! Wherever I’ve worked I was always the one who took it upon myself to ensure that work gets done and I was always the go-to person when my manager, boss or colleagues needed support with office tasks. Why? Because of my amazing work ethic. I know what it is to work until the early hours of the morning because there’s a deadline. I always ensure that tasks are completed on time, even if it means that I have to work late or skip lunch. This is what I love to do. I love to help and I do not want businesses to go down, I WANT them to succeed!

Seeing and hearing how companies have to struggle because they simply cannot afford to or do not want to hire another full-time employee, I realized that this is my purpose, to help business owners, their businesses, and their employees!  So, I decided to take the skills and knowledge I gained throughout the years and proceeded to start a business where I can provide companies with the office support they require at affordable rates so that business owners and their staff do not have to overwork themselves and to allow them to work in a stress-free environment with the guarantee that everything gets done on time.

I am very business orientated and have an excellent work ethic. I am a hard worker, loyal to the core and I love helping businesses whether it be with small, medium, or big tasks or even helping them by thinking of ways to enhance current systems to make the office run smoother. I am a jack of all trades and live to make your life easier!

This is me, this is Shelz - Your Virtual Assistant. 

Our Services

Dedicated to you and dedicated to your company. Dedicated to providing you with great services at humble rates, while building long lasting business relationships.


With us you can be 100% sure that your information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL at all times. With or without a confidentiality agreement, our PLEDGE to our clients is that WE WILL NOT disclose any information given to us, even after our contract has expired.


Exceptional work ethics and great at what we do. We will always go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done.